The best way to avoid boredom when farming is to get into a rhythm.  Follow a cycle again and again to make the work go faster, and once you have a cycle, you can construct a cycle made up of smaller cycles to make the work go even faster.

The land must be hoed before seeds can be planted, and the seeds must be watered so that they can grow.  Once fully grown, they can be harvested and shipped for a profit.  With this profit more land can be bought, allowing more crops to be grown simultaneously. 

Non-Repeatable Actions

     E: begin executing current cycle

     W/S: switch cycles 

     P: buy land

     R: reset position and tool selection

     Backspace: remove last element from current cycle

Repeatable Actions

     A/D: switch tools

    Q: use selected tool

     Arrows: move selected tile

     1,2,3,4: add cycle to current cycle

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